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Vulnerable Population Evacuation Message

Because we cannot guarantee that someone will be able to knock on your door or assist you with evacuating, it is vital that each individual have a plan for a safe evacuation; a place to go if evacuated; a way to be transported; and all belongings necessary to sustain in case of a prolonged power outage or not being able to return home for a prolonged period of time. It is of upmost importance that you have communicated your plan to someone and have arranged with someone to assist you if necessary. You are the expert on your needs, so please plan accordingly by taking with you all medications; batteries and chargers for any medical durable equipment; and, any important documents that are difficult to or cannot be replaced. If you have any questions, please contact Public Health or the Medical Center.

Evacuation Message - Medications

In the event of a flood evacuation, if you need medications refilled, please call Dr. Gina Carr at (970) 648-4066.  If you cannot reach her in a timely manner, please visit a local Dr.'s office or emergency room for your medication refills.   Always dial 911 for an emergency.

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